Farefetch: The website that pays you for finding cheap flights


A new website allows savvy flight hunters to make money on the they find.

 works for both good and bad deal hunters. If you’re short on time, or skills, you can input all your flight requirements and send a request out to an army of “farefetchers” who proceed to search the internet for the cheapest price.

The traveller who submits the request is asked to input a minimum price and the farefetcher pockets the difference. For example if you wanted to pay £400 for a direct London to and the flight found costs £370, the fetcher gets £30.

The first person to submit the fare under the limit gets the money. When both parties have agreed to the terms, the fetcher can book the flight and get the money back within 48 hours or they can pass the fare information to the poster and receive their cut within seven days.

But there are some drawbacks to the skill sharing endeavour – most notably the fact that you cannot cancel or amend your flights under any circumstances using the service. There is also the possibility that checked baggage, seat allocations and other “extras” will not be included and you will not have the option of adding these yourself at a later date.

It may not generate quite enough income to quit your day job, but for those who know their way around the web, the site could make you the money for a few cheap flights.


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